Elizabeth stands out on the air because of her infectious smile. She’s genuinely having a good time and listeners can feel the enthusiasm and energy on the other side of the radio.
— Daniel Anstandig, Co-Founder/CEO, Futuri
I met with Elizabeth several times regarding a broadcast news project and found her focused, creative and motivated to deliver the sort of next-level work we asked for.
— Lee Abrams, Co Founder, Think Televisual
Elizabeth was a huge help to me in starting my broadcasting career. She helped me put together an awesome resume that really did get me noticed.
— Shelly Steinmetz, Assignment Editor, WOIO
Elizabeth shows a wealth of talent and creativity on a number of levels that are important — on-air, writing, production, imaging and so much more. Truly someone worth considering.
— Joel Denver, President/Publisher, AllAccess.com
Elizabeth is loaded with talent. Behind the mic or in front of the camera, from writing to speaking, she can do it all.
— Barbara Bridges, PD, WJXA/Nashville
As head writer, Elizabeth brought a critical perspective to the table and significantly molded and influenced the direction of the program, ultimately creating a product that was significantly better than our original concept. I would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Eric Siebert, Former VP Content & Development, Clear Channel Communications
Due to the high level content our webinars cover and the esteem of our panelists and audience, a clean and professional delivery is critical. Elizabeth’s ability to navigate the unique dynamics of live presentations and her engaging personality and polished delivery consistently result in positive feedback from our attendees.
— Thomas G. LaPointe, Jr. Publisher & Executive Director The Knowledge Group, LLC
Elizabeth has such a great voice... warm and sincere with a built in smile that just feels comfortable to listen to.
— Sue Wilson, Sue Wilson Creative
Elizabeth is a very strong voice talent, who is not only great at adding a strong vocal signature to multiple brands, but she is also a bright on-air communicator. Elizabeth is a broadcast pro on many levels.
— Tom Langmyer, CEO, Great Lakes Media Corp